Leno Sectional Left w/Electric Recliner
Quartz Sectional Right w/Electric Recliner and Bed

Moon Sectional - More Images and Dimensions

Moon Sectional

Living Room Furniture Sectionals Moon Sectional


MOON is a new contemporary modular sofa whose dynamic design will reveal every interior. The rich modularity and the wide range of colors of the fabrics allow an almost infinite freedom of combination. MOON is also available with a relax function, which further increases the comfort.

*Moveable headrests
*Can be arranged to create U shaped or L shaped configurations, or spaced out into multiple small arrangements.
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Collection: European Mikhail Di Oro Collection

Stock status: Stock Product
Set Piece   Width " Depth " Height " Volume cu ft Weight lbs

Moon Sectional

Pouf P000Castle60,Element 1 E100 Castle 153,Corner EK03 Castle60,Element 1 E100 Castle48,Element 1 E100 castle 60,ChaiseCH00 153+2pillows/
  175 40 31 260
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